Charles J. Stick

Landscape Architect

Charles J. Stick, Inc. is a landscape architecture firm located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Charles Stick earned his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at The University of Virginia School of Architecture. At The University, Mr. Stick studied the classical and traditional principles of landscape architecture that today form the core of the art and craft of garden making in the United States.

The work of Charles J. Stick, Inc., while founded upon European landscape gardening theories, is decidedly American and reflects an understanding of American circumstances and attitudes. Charles Stick has made his focus the creation of gardens on a human scale that give pleasure from their design and the synthesis of the useful with the enjoyable. Mr. Stick believes wholeheartedly that “order in itself provides a fair amount of pleasure to the spirit” and his work mirrors this sentiment.

Incorporating elements of both formal and naturalistic garden styles, Charles Stick blends the architectural with the painterly, to create harmoniously balanced garden plans that are practical and pleasing. Mr. Stick approaches garden making from an architectural perspective; the integration of house and garden being essential to the overall composition. It is this emphasis on the garden as an extension of the architecture that makes the work of Charles J. Stick, Inc. unique in the world of garden making.

The firm concentrates its efforts on a range of projects including large-scale residential design, corporate and commercial development as well as the restoration and renovation of historic properties. Charles Stick has received a wide variety of commissions from small urban courtyards to public parks and large farming estates. In all projects, clients are offered a comprehensive professional service that encompasses conceptual design, master planning, site supervision and contract administration.

Charles Stick is presently working on garden projects throughout the United States. Recent commissions include exciting residential projects in Lake Forest, Illinois, Greenwich, Connecticut and Jupiter Island, Florida.